e-Commerce Fraud is Suddenly Everywhere. One Company Sees it All.

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash
  1. Marketplace fit. Not only is EverC a true market-solving business, it’s doing well by doing good for society. Today, businesses offering online transactions are rapidly growing (those that aren’t going digital are suffering), and this is only going to accelerate. We haven’t even scratched the surface of where the online marketplace is going; it’s clear that the need for safety in this space is paramount to how society will function. There is a lot of fraudulent activity happening in different sectors of the online marketplace and EverC can be an effective answer to all this. It’s almost a no brainer in terms of market fit.
  2. Customer-centric. EverC has made an extraordinary effort, from the very beginning, to be uniquely customer-centric. Every aspect of onboarding and product development is based on listening to their customer’s pain points and trying to address their needs. This, more than anything, will help them grow and retain business, and develop their product offering wisely.
  3. Broad and bespoke tech solution. The company has a broad tech stack, which enables them to have a wide range of solutions that suit a customer’s specific needs. They have the ability to expand their solution to endless possibilities giving them an added advantage over competitors.
  4. Exceptional team, true industry experts, and a cutting edge AI R&D division. Ron Teicher (co-founder and CEO), and the two other co-founders Noam Rabinovich and Raz Abramov are true industry insiders, who know their stuff inside out. They’ve built an exceptional team of industry experts to create a company that is a leader in their space.



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